Who are we?

We exist to glorify God
by investing His best in others
and helping them to do the same!


Real People

Really. No pretense. No pretend. People just like you. We have hopes and dreams and have experienced victories and defeats. We all laugh, cry, work hard, enjoy time off, get frustrated at times and even fail – because we’re REAL.

You’ll find a variety of people at Pebble Creek Baptist Church. People from different places, of different ages, different backgrounds, different styles of dress, and different tastes gather together to worship the One True God.

As different as we are, we all have this in common: Everyone at Pebble Creek Baptist Church has either experienced God’s grace and forgiveness or needs to! We all know that without God’s grace through His Son, Jesus, we have no hope. We are united in a purpose that is greater than any of us – loving and following Christ. The closer we follow Him the more we love Him and the more we love our community. Christ loves real people just like you and we do too!

Relevant worship

The word “worship” comes from the word “worth.” Worship is expressing what our Great God is worth to us. We worship Christ through music and the teaching of His word. Our Sunday experience is specifically designed with the desire to glorify God – to express His worth.

As we pray, study, rehearse, and prepare for worship each week, we do so with you in mind. We want to remove distractions and help you to focus on God and what He is saying to you through His word.

All of our music is based on God’s word and led by a live worship team. Our music is relevant and contemporary with a touch of the greatest traditional songs Christ-followers have sung for ages. It is easy to be excited when singing great songs about Jesus along with a live band!

Our pastor teaches from the Bible with clarity and conviction. He is both challenging and encouraging as He relates the principles of God’s word to everyday life. You can expect a laid-back atmosphere where casual dress is welcome. Come as you are!

Oh, one more thing – NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED.

One message

“For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

-John 3:16

God’s word is pure, profound, and practical. It is alive! Through it God reveals His love for mankind from cover to cover and invites us into a real and personal relationship with Him. While the Bible teaches on a wide variety of subjects, the main message is of His work to reconcile mankind to Himself through His Son.

What we believe

Pebble Creek Baptist Church is part of the Southern Baptist Convention. For specific theological beliefs, please visit